On March 2, 2017, I presented a copy of the painting "A New Life in Terra di Lavoro" to the Mayor of Sessa Aurunca, the Honorable Silvio Sasso.  The dedication plaque reads, "Dedicated to the City of Sessa Aurunca, on behalf of the Lauretano Family, in honor of the late Reverend Vittorio Bruno Giovanni Lauretano, born in Sessa Aurunca on May 11, 1939."  The painting will be displayed in the Hall of Historic paintings in the Comune of Sessa Aurunca.

Presentazione formale di una copia della pittura e libro "Una Nuova Vita in Terra di Lavoro" e la dedicazione dice "Dedicato alla Citta di Sessa Aurunca, dalla famiglia Lauretano, in honore del defunto Vittorio Bruno Giovanni Lauretano, nato a Sessa Aurunca nel 11 Maggio 1939."  La pittura e il libro fu datta al Sindaco di Sessa Aurunca il 2 marzo 2017 nel l'ufficio del sindaco, l'onorevole Silvio Sasso.

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A New Life In Terra Di Lavoro

This is a novel about a prominent family from the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  Their story begins in the early 19th century when Luca decides to move his family from a small fishing village to the golden agricultural fields of Terra di Lavoro, just north of Naples.   Their three day voyage begins on a small humble fishing boat as they navigate through the treacherous Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Naples.  Once they reach land, their expedition continues on a mule-drawn carriage where danger awaits them on the ancient Roman road, the Domitiana.  After settling in a small and ancient pre-Roman town, they begin a new and prosperous life until tragedy strikes.  This story takes you on an emotionally charged and roller coaster journey as this family lives through adversity and conquers life's challenges.  

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Daniel Antonio Lauretano is the author of several books including La Cosa Lauretano: The Story of the Lauretano Family (including the Italian version) and The Man From Furore. He is working on two books, including Faithful Servant (this book will also be written in Spanish and Italian) and Emilia (a love story).

​Daniel Antonio Lauretano è l'autore di diversi libri, incluso La Cosa Lauretano: La Storia della Famiglia Lauretano e L'Uomo da Furore. Attualmente sta lavorando su due libri, incluso Fedele Servitore (questo libro anche sarà scritto in inglese e spagnolo) ed Emilia (una storia d'amore).

Daniel Antonio Lauretano es el autor de varios libros, incluyendo La Cosa Lauretano: La historia de la familia Lauretano (incluyendo la versión italiana) y El hombre de Furore.  Él está trabajando en dos libros, incluyendo El sirviente fiel (este libro también estará escrito en inglés e italiano) y Emilia (una historia de amor).